AVAILABLE IN: Jugs, Totes, Drums, Cases

WTH-MV® WIND TURBINE HYDRAULIC is a line of superior premium quality, anti-wear hydraulic oils that are designed to meet the requirements of severe duty fluid power hydraulic systems operating in extremes of temperature. WTH-MV can also function effectively as a non-EP gear and bearing circulating oil. They are formulated with select 100% very high viscosity index Group-II and synthetic blended clear base oils that provide superior low temperature fluidity, high temperature film strength and stable extra long service life that simply can not be achieved using conventional mineral base oils. The formulation uses heavy duty service proven anti-wear additive systems that are very effective in reducing wear in pumps and gears while providing the durability for extended drain intervals. This line also has excellent water separation, rust and corrosion prevention, oxidation stability, and anti-foam properties. The true Multi-Viscosity (MV), broad temperature range is made possible by the use of very high VI blend stocks and allows for even and continuous power transmission over a wider temperature range with increased accuracy compared to single weight conventional hydraulic oils.

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