AchievALTM FRH 200 Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

AVAILABLE IN: Jugs, Totes, Drums, Cases



Typical Properties ASTM Method 200
Viscosity @ 40ºC, cSt D445 40.6
Specific Gravity @ 60ºF D1298 1.085
Density (lbs./gal.) D4052 9.07
Flash Point, COC, ºC (ºF) D92 NONE
Pour Point, ºC (ºF) D97 -47 (-53)
Color Visual Red
Appearance Visual Clear and Free of Sediment
Odor N/A Characteristic
pH  D1287 9.5
pH, 5% in water D1287 N/A
Reserve Alkalinity, mL 0.1 N HCl D1121 20.5
Reserve Alkalinity, 5% in water D1121 N/A
DOT Classification N/A N/A
Diluted with 35% water    
Reserved Alkalinity D1121 N/A
Viscosity @ 40ºC, cSt D445 N/A
Viscosity @ 100ºF, cSt

D445 N/A
pH D1287 N/A
Water, % wt. D1287 N/A
Typical test data average values only, minor variations which do not affect product performance are to be expected during normal manufacturing. Always consult owner's manual for proper viscosity and performance recommendations.
Always consult your vehicle owner's manual for proper fluid removal and flushing procedures.

*Meets performance requirements but may or may not meet certain chemical requirements.

AchievALTM FRH 200 Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

KOST USA’s premium line of AchievALTM FRH products have been formulated using leading-edge additive technology combined with the highest quality raw materials. AchievAL™ FRH products have been rigorously tested in both laboratory and manufacturing conditions, and developed by collaborating with leading hydraulic and machinery manufacturers.

High-pressure and high-temperature environments require hydraulic fluids that get the job done right, while delivering a superior level of fire protection under stress. KOST USA’s comprehensive line of AchievAL™ Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids deliver ultimate performance, durability and protection needed to keep your critical equipment up and running. It’s what your hydraulic system demands.

KOST USA's complete range of superior Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids (FRH) and product support services aim to:

  • * Obtain optimum hydraulic system performance
  • * Prolong the life of hydraulic systems
  • * Extend maintenance intervals
  • * Boost productivity
  • * Lower maintenance costs
  • * Reduce overall consumption and waste

AchievALTM FRH 200 Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids These premium water-glycol fire resistant fluids are formulated with diethylene glycol and are designed to provide optimum performance in hydraulic systems where fire resistant fluids are required. Fortified with state-of-the-art additives, AchievAL FRH2 200 delivers improved lubricity, shear stability, excellent corrosion protection, and the overall performance demanded by today’s high-performance hydraulic systems. FRH2 200 meets the fire resistance performance requirements of Factory Mutual.

  • * Outstanding fire resistance properties, providing a safer work environment
  • * Superior corrosion protection, extending equipment life
  • * Excellent shear stability and anti-wear protection, helping to reduce downtime
  • * High viscosity index, low pour point, and excellent heat transfer and antifoam performance
  • * Minimum pump and valve wear when used in accordance with OEM recommendations
  • * High viscosity for a wide-range of applications and reduced inventory costs
  • * Storage stability for easy handling in the warehouse and reduced waste
  • * Compatibility with other quality FRH water-glycols, permitting top-off to begin immediately
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